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Doctor Heidegger’s Experiment

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"Dr. Heidegger's Experiment" is a short story by American author Nathaniel Hawthorne, about a doctor who claims to have been sent water from the Fountain of Youth. It was eventually published in Hawthorne's collection Twice-Told Tales in 1837. An old eccentric physician called Dr.Heidegger calls his four old friends for an experiment and asks them to take part in it. When they reach there he shows them a rose which is fifty five years old and asks them if it would bloom again. He then takes out a vase which was given to him by a friend with some water inside. He explains that this water was from the Fountain of Youth. His old friends were very eager to taste this water so they could go back to the days of their youth and not make the mistakes they had done before. They drank this magical water and it worked as planned, but its effects did not last as long as they wanted, therefore they needed more of it. To obtain more everyone, except Dr. Heidegger, ventured off to Florida where the Fountain of Youth was located.

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Doctor Heidegger’s Experiment

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