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Selected Statements by Ayatollah Khamenei About Palestine

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Selected Statements by Ayatollah Khamenei About Palestine

Part I: General Issues
Chapter 1: Importance of Palestinian Issue
The issue of Palestine: the most important problem of the Islamic world
Bait ul-Moqaddas: the main pivot
Liberating Palestine: the goal of discussing the issue of Palestine
Palestine: part of the body of Islam
The relationship between Palestine and the destiny of non-Palestinians
The war on Palestine: a war on the existence of Islam
Chapter 2: Islamic Republic of Iran and Palestinian Issue
Supporting the Palestinian nation: a general policy of the Islamic Republic
Preparedness of the Iranian nation for struggle
Palestine: non-negotiable
Iran’s enmity towards Israel: the reason why Iran is the target of negative propaganda 
Chapter 3: Zionism and Israel
The Zionist regime: much weaker than a few years ago
The hegemony of Zionism over the majority of news agencies
The hegemony of Zionism over the majority of global centers of power
Backing down against Israel encourages more violence
The enemy is taking advantage of Muslims' lack of vigilance
Israel’s peace plot
Zionists’ failure to achieve their goals
The security threat posed by Israel to the entire region
The economic threat posed by Israel to the entire region
The enemies growing more serious after witnessing the Islamic movements
Israel’s goal: beyond its current military conquests
The American government and Zionists: faced with a dead end in Palestine
Opposition to Israel and America: based on Islamic orders
The silence of Islamic and human rights communities in the face of Israeli oppression
Chapter 4: West, America and Zionism
The purpose of the arrogant powers that created Israel 
Western contradiction: efforts to save animals while keeping silent in the face of
continued killing of human beings 
Double standards of western printed press regarding Israeli crimes
Western double standards regarding terrorism
From an American perspective, the Palestinians are terrorists and Israel is defending
Liberalism: disgraced in the issue of Palestine
America’s animosity towards jihadi groups
Chapter 5: Israel and Muslim Governments
Negligence of Muslim governments: the reason why the enemy reaches his goals
without compromising
The Most Important Problem of the Islamic World
The treacherous silence of Arab leaders and the disgraceful positions of self-appointed
Palestinian leaders
Treachery of the Palestinian Authority
Persian Gulf states’ treacherous recognition of Israel.
Part II: Victories and Defeats
Chapter 1: History of Occupation and Lessons
Occupation of Palestine: a long-held western wish
The colonial goal behind the establishment of the Zionist regime
The goals of occupying Palestine
Three pillars of the Zionists’ illegitimate domination
Israel: faced with a legitimacy crisis
Israel’s defeat in the second Intifada
The purpose of “peace talks”: erasing the issue of Palestine from memories
Muslim nations hate those who negotiate with Israel
Two illusions: invincibility of Israel and the possibility of peaceful coexistence with it
Chapter 2: Victories and Lessons
Palestinian uprising ruined all Israeli calculations
The threat posed by each selfless Palestinian youth: as great as the threat posed by an
Message following the 
day war on Gaza
Israel’s defeat in the 33-day and 22-day wars: signs of steep decline
Part III: Responsibilities
Chapter 1: Duty of Palestinian People
The duty of the Palestinians
The reason why the Palestinians must start using guns
Chapter 2: Responsibility of Islamic Ummah 
Muslim governments’ indifference to Palestine: unacceptable
The pillars of resistance
The duty of all Muslims and all alert consciences
Assisting the people of Palestine: a communal Islamic obligation
The duty of Muslims 
The Islamic Ummah must rise up
The responsibility of nations towards building a new Islamic Middle East
Responding to the Palestinians’ cries for help: a pre-condition for Islamic faith
 Quds Day
The duty of Muslims on Quds Day
Quds Day: the symbol of the confrontation between truth and falsehood
 Responsibility of Muslim Governments
The duty of Muslim people and governments
The duty of Islamic governments: suspending oil exports in order to confront Israel 
The duty of Muslim governments: cutting off relations with Israel.
Political, financial and propaganda assistance
Sense of responsibility among governments
Avoidance of normalized relations with the Zionist regime: necessary for Islamic
The duty of Arab leaders to respond to Israel’s crimes
Resistance against Zionist malevolence: possible through utilizing the capacities of the
The Most Important Problem of the Islamic World 
world of Islam
Chapter 5: Responsibility of Media
The duty of news networks
Chapter 6: Responsibility of Outstanding Muslim Personalities
The duty of outstanding Muslim figures
Chapter 7: Responsibility of Islamic Organizations
The duty of hajj pilgrims: increasing political insight 
The responsibility of hajj pilgrims towards the issue of Palestine
The responsibility of the Organization of the Islamic Conference: Defending Palestine
Part IV: Crimes
Crimes in Gaza
Taking revenge on Hezbollah by attacking Palestine and fomenting discord
Israel’s purpose behind committing crimes
Full support of the west for Israeli crimes 
Hosni Mubarak’s mistake during the siege on Gaza
The world of Islam: busy with side issues
The deadly raid by the Zionists on Gaza aid flotilla
Part V: Bright Prospects
Chapter 1: Solutions
Negotiation: forbidden and useless
National faith: superior to nuclear power
General guidelines for fighting the Zionist regime
Resistance of the people of Palestine: an obstacle in the way of Israel
The remedy for Palestine: Islam and unity.
Chapter 2: Fallacies
Fallacy: the Palestinian issue is an Arab issue
Fallacy: it is impossible to wipe out Israel.
Iran is opposed to both the usurping Zionist state and its people
Chapter 3: Promise of Victory
Divine promise: liberation of Quds
Israel and America: doomed to annihilation
Heroic defense of Palestine by young generations
Victory: ensured by the Holy Quran
God’s promise to sincere mujahids 
Promise of a unified Islamic identity 
Raising the flag of Palestine through resistance

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